Faculty Workshops

QI sessions in Bhopal - Dec 2018

Quality improvement training at Bhopal with simulation based learning on prevention of ROP (ROP-QI preterm baby package)

This training involved pediatricians from six medical colleges in MP and doctor and nurse teams from six special newborn care units in MP. The first day was POCQI training followed by simulation based teaching on preterm baby package modules. Thermoregulation and oxygen therapy were the modules covered in July while the second learning session included modules of prevention of infection and good nutrition practices. This session involved hands on learning after the participants completed the online modules. 11 Dec 2018

Leadership in QI and Capacity Building Workshop March 2018

A Leadership in QI and Capacity Building Workshop was held at AIIMS, New Delhi on 27-28 March 2018 with participation from 6 AIIMS and other apex institutions. The 2 day workshops encouraged new teams to develop QI projects and lead QI teams in their hospitals. The top administration participated in the workshop including the Director AIIMS, Dean, and MS, AIIMS. The inaugural session also featured Prof MK Bhan, Prof VK Paul, Member Niti Aayog, and Additional Secy [Health], GOI.

2nd IHI Workshop for Future QI Leaders - May 2017

2nd Face to Face meeting coaching course was conducted by IHI Cambridge faculty at AIIMS Delhi. May 24, 2017

Facilitated by Maureen Tshabalala and Ashar Ali, and Abha Mendiratta. This was culmination of the 3 months QI coaching program which started earlier.

Many teams presented their QI projects and shared their experiences.

Participants of the 3 months IHI QI Training Course. Future QI leaders and master trainers!

Capacity Building Workshop for Leading & Facilitating QI - Jan 2017

Capacity Building Workshop for Leading & Facilitating QI held at AIIMS, New Delhi from 23-25 January 2017. Facilitated by lead trainers from IHI. Coached 30 participants to become future QI leaders. Supported by USAID ASSIST.

With IHI Mentors Azharm, Maureen, Abha

The QI teams with Director AIIMS, MS AIIMS, Dean AIIMS

PreWorkshop Webinar – IHI Coaching Course: Jan 2017

AIIMS starts 3 month QI Coaching Course by IHI for 30 select AIIMS faculty and nurses. Also including teams from 3 other AIIMS, W Bengal & HP supported by USAID ASSIST. January 11 2017

CMET QI Workshop for AIIMS Faculty - April 2017

A 3 hour QI sensitisation workshop was done at CMET for inculcating QI thinking in AIIMS new recruited Faculty. Conducted by core QI Master Trainers. 7 April 2017

3rd QI Teaching Session for QI Teams - Nov 2016

The 3rd QI session for teaching core team was held in NHKC, Dept of Pediatrics.

Topic: Spreading new ideas

  1. What is ‘spread’?
  2. Everett Rogers Theory of Diffusion
  3. Factors that determine spread
  4. Other Theories for Spread of Ideas
  5. Designing from the start for spread

Many new team members joined from Emergency Medicine Dept. 2 Nov 2016

First Teaching Session for Core QI Team - October 2016

First teaching session for Core QI Team, and everyone looks very Happy! Dr Sonali Vaid from USAID ASSIST talked on legendary figures of QI … and two new projects shared by Obstetrics & Newborn units. October 5 2016

Workshop for 6 AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER - August 2016

A master QI workshop was held on August 2-3 2016 to train QI to teams from 6 AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, JIPMER. Guided by Dr Rashad Massoud, USAID ASSIST and Prof Pierre Barker, IHI

Working group and teams with Director AIIMS

Dr Rashad Massoud enjoying group discussion during QI workshop at AIIMS

Dr Aparna, Obstetrician facilitating her group on QI project exercise

Nigel Livesley master Trainer facilitating his group . All six AIIMS nominated Faculty mentored by IHI USAID ASSIST faculty

EPIQ QI Workshop - June 2016

EPIQ QI workshop at AIIMS. Future hub for Region for QI capacity building and Model for India in QI implementation. June 15 2016

EPIQ QI provider workshop facilitated by local Facilitators on Day 2. Great learning on how to use step wise approach.

Quality improvement EPIQ workshop at AIIMS facilitated by Prof Khalid Aziz & Prof Nalini Singhal for future leaders

Grand Round