1. WHO-India Country

Three TOTs for nurses and doctors on “Facility Based Newborn Nursing” along with “Learning Basics of Quality Improvement” were conducted:

  • QI TOT in Delhi / March 28-30, 2016 / WHO India Country office / Trained 41
  • QI TOT in Chandigarh / May 30th, 31st & 1st June 2016 / WHO India Country office / Trained 57
  • QI TOT in Goa / August 8-10, 2016 / WHO India Country office / Trained 55

3rd QI TOT at Goa . Two Medical Colleges shared completed projects ready to embed 4 Step QI approach to pre -service


On 10-13 May, 2016 at Meridien Hotel, New Delhi 126 participants which included ten country teams were exposed to new QI package developed by AIIMS-USAID-ASSIST. Two days were devoted for building skills on QI, developing projects to be completed on return. Myanmar, Bangladesh, India teams were able to complete the projects in last eight weeks. National QI workshop in member countries are planned in August-September 2016 at Dhaka; September 2016 at Maldives. This four day ‘Regional Workshop for Improving Quality of Hospital Care for Maternal and Newborn Health’ was supported by USAID, UNICEF, WHO.

  • TOT, Paro, Bhutan / November 2015 / WHO Bhutan / Trained 42
  • TOT at Regional Hospital / 30th April 2016 / Khesar Gyalpo / University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan / Trained 30
  • Regional Workshop SEARO / 10-13 May 2016 / WHO-SEARO, USAID, UNICEF / Trained 65

QI workshop in partnership AIIMS - USAID assist - WHO Govt of Maldives inaugurated by HM Mr Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim

Hands on Workshop on Quality improvement at Khesar Gyalpo University

With the awesome Team Bangladesh @ Regional Workshop-Improving Quality of Hospital Care for Maternal & Newborn Health

Biggest 10 country contingent of partners, MOH, providers exposed to Basics of QI

Here is a letter of appreciation from the WHO office. Another WHO Maldives letter of appreciation.


USAID-ASSIST has worked closely for more than one year with AIIMS, New Delhi. They have been instrumental in providing mentorship to AIIMS faculty and Teams to complete QI projects. In partnership with AIIMS-UNICEF a TOT for 4 Medical Colleges Obstetrics & Neonatology was organized 2-4 July 2016 at Kolkata under NHM. On follow up on September 2, 2016 six completed QI projects were shared.

Nigel busy leading a Quality Improvement Trainers Capacity Building workshop at Calcutta supported by UNICEF

Dr Anu facilitating small group on QI at Calcutta for master Trainers supported by UNICEF, NHM, WHO, USAID Assist

NRS Hospital Facilitators with Master Trainers on Day 3 !