Nurses Training

QI Conference - April 2019

On 15th of April 2019, they organized a quality improvement conference where they sensitized all the participants on the importance of quality improvement in our clinical areas. The theme of the conference was “Quality improvement towards nursing excellence”. All the 14 QI teams presented their progress of their initial QI project, they discussed their challenges and learning through their first QI journey.

On 9th Sseptember 2019, CTVS department again organised a QI sensitization programme for new group of nurses and doctors who were new to QI.

CME on Quality and patient safety in healthcare facility - April 2019

On 24th of April 2019, A CME was organised in RPC on “Quality and patient safety in healthcare Facility” . It was attended by 80 participants , a mix group of mostly Nurses, few optometrists and Residents administration.

Dr. Parijat Chandra spoke about QI journey of RPC and motivated participants to take QI initiatives in their area

Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta ( MS RPC ) endorsing patient safety

QI initiative in cardiovascular department - Feb 2019

In the month of February 2019, The nursing department of CTVS had initiated a learning sessions on quality improvement science with the help of QI core team AIIMS. Teams were formed in all the clinical areas and a total of 14 teams were formed. All the team members attended initial QI workshops and they learned how to develop simple projects each.

POCQI model was adopted to carry out the QI projects. All the teams were rigorously mentored by the QI core team members and more frequently supervised by their internal mentors as well.

Group work in progress

Mrs. Levis Murray sensitizing nurses on the QI steps

Mrs Yangchen Dolma visiting the teams for onsite mentoring: team working on improving CVC care.

Group work in progress

Mrs. Yangchen Dolma helping the teams with group work

QI Sensitization Workshop for Nurses May 2017

QI sensitization workshop for 125 nurses was held on 8 May 2017 in AIIMS, New Delhi. It was conducted largely by Nurses and Nursing teachers and leaders at AIIMS.

A packed conference hall with 125 nurses learning QI

Director AIIMS, Prof Randeep Guleria motivating the Nursing teams

QI leader Prof AK Deorari, with Dr SK Arya and MS AIIMS, Prof DK Sharma

Nurses Training - August 2016

AIIMS Nurses QI Sensitization Workshop

QI sensitization for 127 AIIMS nurses under guidance of Director AIIMS, Prof Deorari, CNO, Principal Nursing College. August 27, 2016