Story of the Quality Improvement initiative in AIIMS, New Delhi

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This site documents the Story of the Quality Improvement initiative in AIIMS, New Delhi.

Quality improvement (QI) and patient safety are important components in modern-day health care. With an aim to improve facility-based patient care the quality improvement (QI) team at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has not only pioneered in-house quality improvement projects but have also engaged in improving knowledge and skills of QI methods to a large number of healthcare teams from member countries of South-east Asian Region (SEAR). This has resulted in a number of QI projects being implemented across different health facilities in SEAR.

New Director AIIMS, Prof Randeep Guleria, addressing QI sensitization meeting for Nurses at AIIMS, New Delhi

The AIIMS quality improvement initiatives started under the leadership of the Prof MC Misra, Director AIIMS in August 2015, and core team led by Prof AK Deorari (Dept. of Neonatology). Four quality improvement workshops were held (August – October 2015) under the guidance of experts from our partners from IHI and USAID ASSIST with the objective of bridging the gap between knowledge and implementation for sensitization of faculty (doctors and nurses) and in- service nursing professionals. Participatory learning sessions (3- 4 hours each) were done for select teams from five departments in AIIMS at the first workshop which was then expanded to other departments and new projects by teams from all departments. The objective of workshops were to instill concept of QI for improvement of patient care, to test simple doable QI projects by creating local teams at workplaces.

These projects were later presented in several meetings, AIIMS institute day, clinical grand rounds, posters in international conferences, and are now also part of the undergraduate teaching curriculum [See Resources & Videos]. Subsequently there were workshops to train faculty, nursing staff and residents. Many other centres like the 6 other AIIMS, JIPMER Pondicherry and PGI Chandigarh are joining in. In addition, few departments are undertaking QI dissertations and theses (Postgraduate and DM) as well. Young faculty members can take a key role to lead quality improvement projects in their departments and become champions to spread awareness about quality improvement among their peers and students.

We formed an AIIMS IHI chapter where members can get free access to excellent quality care and patient safety materials.

An AIIMS QI facebook page helps teams keep updated about new developments, workshops and projects. A four step participatory Learning Module to learn basics of QI is developed by AIIMS Team. Completed QI projects are available on Youtube. Read some testimonials.

The QI teams are led by Prof. Ashok Deorari, Professor of Neonatology with keen interest in integration of quality of care concept in healthcare system of India and SEAR. Over the last one year, taking small QI initiatives to scale has been a difficult task but continuous perseverance, sharing results and involving all potential stakeholders has enabled us to overcome this challenge. Join the QI movement at AIIMS!

AIIMS Institute day exhibition of QI posters visited by Health Minister



Our vision is to be one of first leading ‘Centre of Excellence in Quality Improvement’ in South East Asia Region.


Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare in public/private health institutions through

  • Education – Imparting knowledge, skills and competencies to use QI tools.
  • Patient care – Ensuring safe, effective, timely, efficient care with highest efficiency
  • Implementation – Sustaining gains of Quality Improvement through health system approach and addressing barriers for translation of best practices with efficient utilization of limited resources.
  • Innovation – Innovating solutions through out of box thinking for best health outcomes
  • Policy assistance – Support and guidance to national Quality of Care programme to government and other stake holders


You can contact the QI team for inputs, suggestions and QI advice. Get more info on joining the AIIMS IHI chapter and taking free QI certified courses.

Prof Ashok Deorari –

Dr Parijat Chandra –

Early Meetings

AIIMS has hosted the following QI meetings.

  • 15 August 2015 – Director AIIMS announces QI initiation in AIIMS
  • 27 August 2015 – AIIMS Nurses Sensitization
  • 2-3 August 2015 – QI Workshop for 5 AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, JIPMER
  • 24 Sep 2015 – Poster Presentation by 6 teams at Institute Day
  • 22 March 2016 – QI MBBS teaching program
  • 13 Jan 2016 – QI Grand Round AIIMS for all faculty, Residents
  • 10-13 May 2016 – WHO SEARO Quality of Care meeting for improving maternal and newborn health for ten country participants at Meridien Hotel, New Delhi
  • 15-16 Jun 2016 – EPIQ QI workshop with master trainers
  • 28-29 September 2016 – QI National Workshop at Maldives for locals by WHO Country Office
  • 13-14 Jan 2017 – West Bengal Medical College lead District Hospital QI supported by National Health Mission West Bengal
  • 23-25 Jan 2017 – Coaching Course QI by IHI, Cambridge, First face to face meeting for AIIMS Faculty and three other AIIMS, West Bengal & H.P.
  • 6-8 Feb 2017 – Regional WHO SEARO TOT workshop for improvement of Quality of Hospital Care for Maternal & Newborn held at AIIMS New Delhi for eight countries jointly by WHO CC Obstetrics & Newborn WHO CC